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Social Testimonials on Company Website

Lower the cost of customer acquisition. Give third party endorsements by showing social proof to drive sales. Positive Social Proof has been shown to be more influential than saving money.

Is your mundane office environment affecting your engagement at work? Through digital signage, a Web Scoop can introduce and increase the levels of social interaction within the workplace. 

Reinvigorate your team with the power of social media as they compete to get their tweets & images on your website!

Turn your website into a social hub of activity, which your customers will be truthfully interested in.

Having engaged people taking interest in the images and comments up on your website guarantees exposure for brands, providing you with invaluable recognition. 

Use the great comments already out there about your brand to your advantage!

By adding social to your office space & company site you're increasing the credibility of your site and showing existing customers what you're getting up. Do this either on a company level, airing updates & company news or on a personal level by showing staffs updates.