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Retail Customer Endorsed Social Feeds

Brag about your brand to your customers in store, then go a step further and add the best content to your website. Make the most out social media for your brand!

Strengthen the bond between the customer and your brand by embedding their best social content where you customers can see it most.

Give your customers the comfort factor when choosing you by showing third party endorsements to strengthen your sales message and increase conversion.

Cherry-pick the best content for your site from the worlds biggest networks and find the content which puts your brand in the best light.

The Web Scoop is fully moderated and curated before any of the content makes its way into the public domain.

As well as being very interactive and gripping, they have great SEO benifits which will boost you up the google rankings. 

Gain ultimate brand exposure by making your customers brand advocates. Lower the cost of customer aquisiton by having external contacts drive your sales.