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Television Audience Website Participation

FACT: Nearly 2/3 of people use social networks and forums while watching TV. Don't underestimate how many hits websites will get while focusing on TV.

Broadcast viewers social comments live onto a Web Scoop to ensure their attention is not distracted on other mediums.

Allow for interaction with live television shows in real-time. Display all social content on your site my moderating through our clever back-end system.

Seek additional information and influence the content whilst connecting with other viewers on a relevant topic of interest. 

Social TV and a Web Scoop allows for content analysis and a discussion to continue after the television show has finished, by keeping hold of the engaged viewers.

Gain insight, whilst also encouraging other viewers to get involved, by simply reading out or presenting the best tweets and images regarding a particular topic on the television that have been published on your website.

Open your broadcast to not just the viewers on the telly. Bring video highlights into the scoop, funny pictures and great comments all at the touch of a button.