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Real-time Trade Show Social Feed

Let external contacts drive sales by making your customers brand advocate. Give potential business a full spectrum of opinion which will increase credibility and drive sales.

Promote guest speakers and main sponsors to gain extra exposure of an event, in turn encouraging more delegates to attend.

Build excitement before the event is due to start and when it's finished. Air the best social content on your website, let people interact with your brand on a deeper level.

The Web Scoop can be used to motivate non-attendees to make an effort to attend the second day of the trade show.

For those who are unable to be in attendance, they can follow the activities that take place during the day in almost real-time through your site. How cool's that!

Generate lucrative revenue through the selling of valuable advertising space within the Web Scoop.

Jpg and video advertisements can appear on your website, as well as embedded YouTube videos that reflect well on your brand.