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Content Aggregator for Venue Websites

Build confidence in your venue by showing only the best comments and pictures where people look the most, your website!

Voice the best comments, pictures and videos about your venue to your website. Use the Web Scoop to authenticate how good your venue really is.

Good reviews are hugely important for a business, the scoops allow you showcase only the best. These third party endorsements have been proven to increase conversion and drive sales.

A Web Scoop provides your attendees with a voice to highlight their opinions and feelings from across social media.

For those who are unable to be in attendance, they can follow the activities that take take place during the day in almost real-time with the media rich content controller.

Generate lucrative revenue through the selling of valuable advertising space within your website. Jpg and video advertisements can be scheduled to appear on your Web Scoop.

Embed YouTube videos as well as images and comments, to further enhance your brand exposure.